Green Dot: Proponents of Education Reform
This article was written by Michael McElveen, Locke High School graduate and now current student at American University. Go Saints!
New Locke High Stats Revealed
It's been quite a year for Locke High School and on Monday, some new stats revealed just how much has changed since Green Dot Public Charter Schools took control.
State Exams and the Real Test
Results on the standardized tests were lackluster, but the school gets high marks in other indicators of progress.
Radical Change at LA's Toughest School
A new approach at Locke High School could change things for the better.
Graduation Day at Locke High School
Green Dot Charter Schools took over and turned the Watts school around academically.
Locke High Graduation- SoCal Connected
Part 3 of the series following three seniors at Locke High School as they weather the transition to a Green Dot school, and the obstacles they face as they prepare for graduation.
Locke High Increases Graduation Rate
There was a little extra pomp and circumstance at this graduation. That's because Locke High School handed out nearly twenty percent more diplomas this year, after a major education reform program.
A Year at Locke: Subtle Signs of Turnaround on a Troubled LA Campus
Green Dot faced much skepticism when it took over Locke High last year. There's still a long way to go, but most students say they're safer and are learning more.
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